Fuji to Hood


ABV: 6.7% | IBU: 30

With a light malt body consisting of 2Row malt and Flaked rice, it provides a clean and neutral playground for a myriad of hops to shine. Bright lime zest and pink Smarties come across in the nose with noticeable flavors of peach rings, mango and papaya with just enough lingering bitterness. Freshly zested Oregon Coast Wasabi is subtle in the aroma but intensifies as you drink.

A style born from the lager wizards at Wayfinder comes a new way to IPA. As described by Kevin Davey, brewmaster at Wayfinder, there are a few concepts that separate this new style from India Pale Lagers or hoppy Pilsners. First is the incorporation of adjunct brewing in IPA. Using rice and corn does add a certain body and mouthfeel but allows the beer to be dry without being naked and overly bitter. It also gives the beer its stark yellow appearance. Second is using a lager strain of yeast, but ferment it warm (65F) to avoid the excessive SO2. Using a clean fermenting yeast like this allows the hops to shine without a backdrop of ale yeast aromas. Lastly, the technique of the dry-hop spund or dry hop krausen. In this nerdy process, we dry hop at the tail end of fermentation when there is still plenty of activity to fully carbonate the beer, scrub any oxygen we add during the dry hopping, and utilize some biotransformation of hops.

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