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Watch this video to see why The Shop is the heartbeat of Migration Brewing. 


Before the name.
Before the label.
Before the bottling and the packaging and the shipping.
Before the tap handle is swapped out.
Before the menu board.
Before the tab starts.
Before Migration Pale and Luscious Lupulin and Clem’s Cream.
Before the renown grows.
Before it all… this.
The Shop.
The house that beer built.

home of Migration Brewing’s innovation program

Deep in the belly of a dilapidated 1940’s radiator shop is where the Migration beer journey began.
With fortitude and grit we opened a bootstrapped 7bbl brewery in 2010. 
Some say the infamous location is the precise center of Portland. Whether true or not, it is undoubtedly the center of the Migration soul. Where the creative brewers play and innovate. 
In winter of 2021 we invested heavily in revamping the original brewery to create a world class small batch artisanal program, exploring the world for the hardest to find, most sought after ingredients. 

Our passion is simple: to create and drink the best beer in the state of Oregon.