House Beers

Clem's Cream Ale

abv: 4.6%  ibu:22

Smooth straw-colored ale with a soft hop spice

Glisan Street Pale Ale

abv: 5.1%  ibu:33

Pale ale with tropical fruit and restrained dankness

Migration Pale Ale

abv: 5.2%  ibu:56

Classic pale with crisp malt, citrus and grapefruit nose

Blood, Sweat, and Red

abv: 5.7%  ibu:40

Dark mahogany with toasted malt and sterling hop zest

Luscious Lupulin IPA

abv: 6.5%  ibu:77

Big citrus and piney resin with balanced malts

Terry's Porter

abv: 6.7%  ibu:42

Roasted chocolate malts with hints of herbs and coffee

Old Silenus Strong Ale

abv: 7.8%  ibu:75

Hop forward with deep malts and hints of cherry cocoa

Seasonal Beers

Bridgetown IPA

abv: 7.3%  ibu:75

Bright West Coast IPA bursting with layers of juicy citrus, tropical stone fruit and sweet dankness

7th Inning Stretch Coffee Milk Stout

abv: 8.1%  ibu:27

Coffee Milk Stout with Nossa Familia coffee beans aged green on a Bull Run whiskey barrel