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Beer Bubble in Bend?

With only 80,000 people, 9 breweries and several more slated to open soon is Bend headed for a beer bubble?  The answer is dependent on who you ask.  For those of us that enjoyed the Bend Brew Fest last month, we say make more delicious beer!

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Portland Beer Video

Check out this video by Entrepreneur Magazine talking about the local beer market with some choice footage from a little brewery named Migration, cheers!

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Got Hops?

Check out this video footage from our recent trip to Silverton, OR to pick up hops for our "69lbs Perle" a fresh hop seasonal that we released last week!


Untitled from Migration Brewing on Vimeo.

Wimpy Europeans

 On top of all the bad economic news coming from our friends across the Atlantic it now appears that they've forgotten how to drink beer!!  Check out this article breaking down how the Euros need to man up and drink themselves out of recession.

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White House Ale

All politcs aside, gotta give it up for the first modern president to brew beer in the White House!  Kind of surprising the president's marketing/pr guys couldn't come up with a catchier name for the "White House Ale" but maybe they're busy with some other stuff???  Looks like Esquire is taking submissions for better names, so let'em have it!

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